Bell House, Covney

This is Bell House.

We used to live in Bell House, at 14 Main Street, Coveney. It was a brick-built house with blue shutters towards the north of the village. The house was mainly Georgian or early Victorian, though parts of it are said to go back to about 1650.

The village map preserved in the Village Hall and dated 1850 shows it in much its current state. It has been a pub (the Bell, hence the house name), the village shop, and a car restoration business.

No longer in England

We left England in 2008 to move to the East Tennessee valley region. Marcia had family there and it seemed a good time. We uprooted and moved to a house in Claxton, Tennessee, though the post office thinks we are in Powell.

We decided to keep the Bell House name and so it is our new Bell House. There are some differences between Tennessee, and the wilds of Covney, but it is over all much the same. We still have a house full of animals, and we are still living a relaxed life, in our new mountain home.