This is Marcia Illingworth.

Marcia was born in America in 1951. She married Tim, and moved to England for a decade or so. They moved back a few years ago, and they now make make their house in Claxton, Tennessee, the Bell House

Marcia spent over a decade working in emergency services as a fire fighter and a paramedic. She was the first full time female fire fighter with Rural Metro Knoxville.

Wackiness abounds!

Marcia has two sons; Jeremiah Robert McCoy and Richard Kelly McCoy, three grandchildren; Alexandra McCoy, Lomax McCoy, and Lucas McCoy, as well as one great grandchild. She also has a wide range of animals which she has adopted over the years.

Beyond those, she has a large extended family. With her involvement in the science fiction convention community, she has a bunch of friends through out the world. You ight even be one of them. The world is a funny place.